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Baby YOGA and TummyTime Method 
 for infants and caregivers. 

Currently i offer 3-week series through Pediatric Partners of the Southwest for PPSW clientele. Please contact me if interested in hosting a TTM class in your area. 

- Come stretch, play and learn
- Gain insight in how to observe and trouble-shoot for your baby's next growth opportunity 
- Stretch & lengthen for restoring healthy connective tissue 
- Bond with your baby, now and a lifetime
- Meet other parents and infants- Learn activities you can enjoy at home with your family
- Have fun ! 

As a midwife and doula I always told parents to "do" tummy time. If their baby didnt like it or if parents told me their baby "hated" tummy time, I didnt have the know how to trouble-shoot or recognize the needs their infant was trying to reveal to us in its difficulty with TT. Now I know that TT is just far too plain important to skip. It is vitaly essential for baby's brain and development, their spacial awareness, neurological regulation and health. Tummy Time is directly related to the child's ability to begin to self-organize and start the long, steady patterning and repetition needed for crawling, sitting and standing.
Through 18 years experience as an NICU nurse, practicing Craniosacral and Occupational Therapy with critical care newborns, my teacher Michelle Emanuel RN, OT, CST. had the marvelous benefit of immediate bio-feedback as the infants were attached to vital stat machines. She became passionate in finding what best supports the parasympathetic nervous system and neurologica organizing, decreasing fight-or-flight response in the babies and optimizing their growth, as opposed to mere survival. She found key relationships between proprioception (skin to skin, joint-pressure, cuddling, body-moulding) with the infants' calming and self-regulation. With specific aspects of the techniques she applied, baby's oxygen saturation would come up, heart rates smooth out and new developments become available. She helped many families continue care at home and they found amazing results. 

I am delighted to share some of this life-changing information with you, and you can begin this fun approach right away. It is so user-friendly, you will find yourself applying it in other ways you care-give your child and pattern a lifelong bond. This truly is the best part 

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