ananda foley studio - a body-centered consulting practice

"You're only as old as your spine is flexible" 
                                  - Yogi Bhajan

Ananda offers a compassionate space for witnessing yourself, finding your own immaculate intelligence for recalibration and healing. Breath work, gentle unwinding of tissue and intuitive soul support. Babies and new mothers especially benefit from this work. Ananda's midwifery education and doula background bring a special presence to these sessions. Slow unwinding, gentle release and space in the connective tissue. Hydration and oxygenation of fascia keeps the body functioning optimally. Deeply compliments your other healing methods such as chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, occupational therapy and more. For young ones, cranio sacral therapy creates space for proper development, trauma-release and optimal learning. Ananda is especially trained as a TummyTime! TM tutor able to support you in fine-tuning your baby's primary movement and learning patterns. 

Come relax in my cottage treatment room in a quiet residential neighborhood, near Main St bridge in Durango. I welcome and serve you in the capacity that matches your own pace and unique stage of life.

I recommend units of 3 sessions, allowing the body to gain cumulative benefits from new patterns of support. You will receive some simple movements, stretches or other practices to continue at home between sessions, if you choose.  

Biography for Ananda Foley, CST
- craniosacral therapist specializing in life-transitions 
_ once a doula always a doula/birth photographer
- hula haumana (student of the hula and living principles of aloha)
- TummyTime! TM Tutor: based on the work of Michelle Emanuel CST, OT
- and dedicated student of transformation. 

     "I was earning a BS in Sociology studying women's health when I thought I invented mother/child-centered birthing. When I realized there already was an active world of midwifery and holistic care, I attended an accredited midwifery program, followed by several hundred homebirths as a midwife, as well as hospital births in a doula position. The synergy of my training in yoga and dance from a young age, combined with midwifery experience, culminated into teaching specialized movement classes in Prenatal, Postpartum and Birth-Prep-for-Couples in several healing centers in Ashland, OR for many years. In 2003 I was fortunate to meet a master author and teacher David LaChapelle, my companion of 6 years. In the container of his retreats I  developed a form of authentic movement I called BodyPrayer; a delightful compliment to the rigors of concentrated inner-work and mental focus involved in sadhana practice. In 2011, I began formal training with craniosacral therapy master Carol Gray, a Portland midwife and birth advocate where I completed courses for Pregnancy, Infants and Adult Emotional Release. I also enjoy shooting heart-felt photography for births, weddings and ceremonies. People tell me they recognize the capacity of a midwife's heart in my images. I love Durango, getting to live and work right on the Animas river. Every day is the opportunity to see  something new."
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